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Use the potential of your garden by garden shelter...

Use the potential of your garden by garden shelter. If you like to spend your time on the fresh air – inside your garden/property, this is a great offer from us. You can relax and have a rest after demanding day in your work in the shadow of your garden shelter either alone or together with your family. Garden house allows you to find new dimension of your family or social events. Your friends would always love to come back to your garden house, as they will always remember nice and unforgettable moments they have spent in your garden house on fresh air. Last but not least you will find out how great moments you can have while reading the book during warm summer days encapsulated by the scent of flowers and fruits from your garden.


Wood is easily accessible natural material, that has been used for an ages as accessible material. Wood is very solid material and the frame of the window is incredibly tight. There is no deformation, rectangular joins will always remain the same, they are not changing in time. This is very convenient, especially when it comes to larger areas of glazing, as this requires maximal stability. Their profile (aký profil?) makes more lawyers of the wood – this can prevent it from possible twisting.


Drevo je klasický prírodný materiál.Je to v prvom rade ekologická alternatíva v porovnaní s oknami, ktoré sú vyrobenéz plastu.Nepôsobí negtívne na ľudské zdravie a pri jeho výrobe sa použije až 6 krát menej energie ako pri iných oknách.Drevo, resp. drevené eurookno má množstvo výhod. Je ľahko obnoviteľné, ekologicky šetrné.Prináša do obytného priestoru a hlavne do vášho bývania viac komfortu.

 Advantages of wooden windows:


Wooden Windows save costs mainly by using double or triple glass. There is internal gas - mainly argon by which the space between 2 glasses is filled and it prevents from heat losses. That means that isolation avoids heat losses form the room during the winter, but also keeps cold inside the room during the summer. The quality (type) of glass can determine the noise that can come in from outside. For example there are anti-noisy follies that are recommended for noisy streets of bigger cities.